Girls Group Holiday

Venice and Rome

My most recent adventure, with a fabulous group of eleven ladies in tow, was to two of Italy’s most distinguished cities, Venice and Rome. We landed in Venice to 33-degree heat, and it hit us immediately upon exiting the plane. It felt like we had entered into a massive oven. Obviously once we checked in we went for our first pizza, and straight after we couldn’t say ‘no’ to gelato. On every one of my holidays the first night is always a buzz, everyone is still getting to know one another and feeling excited about what’s to come…

We had a memorable few days in Venice, we spent a whole day exploring the city, in the scorching heat, I lost count of the number of bridges we crossed. The city is like something out of a fairy tale. There were elegant bridges, and rustic bridges, intricately designed bridges and just classical brick bridges. There’s a bridge for everyone! And if we thought Venice couldn’t get any better we were mistaken. We loved Burano, the happy Island, where you just can’t help but smile. We were smiling so much we got jaw ache, and laughed so much our stomachs hurt, but it was so worth it, there is definitely something magical about Burano.

After a few very hot, but very beautiful few days in Venice, we set off on our journey to Rome. Our first night was spent mesmerised by the Trevi Fountain and hanging out on the Spanish Steps, a mellow evening to prepare us for Vatican City the following day. Seeing Michelangelo’s world class masterpieces being brought to life right before our eyes in the Sistine Chapel was remarkable. Equally remarkable, was the Colosseum, the first split second I saw it right in front of me I got goose-bumps and the whole time we were inside my goose-bumps remained.

I had an unforgettable time in Italy, the places we saw were extraordinary, whether it was due to the beauty or the historical significance. My words will not do them justice. I’m so grateful I had an amazing group of girls with me, thank you for teaching me the Kiki dance challenge, for helping me to master the Hype and the Floss, for sharing some priceless gems of advice and life experience, for French braiding my hair, for my massages and for my surprise party on our final night! You were an awesome group and I hope to travel with you again!


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