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Travel is the Best Investment You Will Ever Make in Yourself

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If you gave me a choice between a new pair of designer shoes or the opportunity to visit another country, I’d choose option two. I wouldn’t think twice. I wouldn’t even need to see the shoes and I wouldn’t even be bothered about the destination. I’d still choose option two.

The shoes will make me happy for a little while, I’d probably get some compliments when I wear them and for a short time it would make me feel good. But the shoes will bring me temporary joy, they might even start to hurt my feet and knowing me I’d feel guilty after. (I already feel guilty, there was a time when I was obsessed with shoes and I am guilty of owning a very, VERY large number – I’m embarrassed to say how many, and even more ashamed to say there are some pairs I have never worn – I can’t deal with more guilt).

Unlike shoes, travelling always makes me happy. The longevity of happiness it creates is greater. I’ll be excited leading up to it, I’ll be loving the experience while I’m away absorbing as much as I can, and I’ll have created memories which I will fondly look back on with a smile. Many of my most treasured memories have been created while travelling, seeing priceless sunrises and sunsets in some of the most beautiful places. Having my heart-warmed being welcomed into the homes of people who don’t speak the same language as me and finding myself in extraordinarily random and unusual circumstances, which even now thinking about them, make me laugh out loud.

So, for the sake of my conscience, my happiness, life experience and my personal development I’d choose travel over a pair of designer shoes, any day.

Travelling will make you grow as a person, it will expand your mind, it will inspire you. Sometimes it will take you out of your comfort zone but looking back those uncomfortable times will be your favourite times. It will make you a more interesting, well-rounded person, you’ll have a story for everything and a song for everything. It is without a doubt the best investment I made in myself, it changed my life. And I guarantee you, it can change yours too.

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