24-27th March 2019

A uniquely Mediterranean and cosmopolitan city, Barcelona is considered one of the world's greatest beach cities. In Barcelona you can have your cake and eat it, with the beach always on the doorstep. The city is an architectural haven, with treasures galore. This holiday is for the culture vultures, the ones with an eye for fine designs and those who like to be beside the sea. 
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Istanbul and Cappadocia
12-19th April 2019
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I’m combining two of my favourite places to create this mega Girls Group Holiday. Istanbul is one of the most charming cities in the world, it’s a bustling city with a soul, and hundreds of years of history – this place with capture your heart. And Cappadocia is surreal, it’s a beautiful mystery, you’ve never seen anything like and it and you may never see anything like it again. This one’s for those who want to be inspired and those who believe in miracles.
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26-29th April 2019

The iconic city of romance, fashion, art, macarons and all things chic. Paris has something for everyone. This decadent city screams out elegance, we will stroll the streets like Parisians, visit the most famous luxury shoppers paradise, some of the world’s most famous masterpieces and take moonlit walks among one of the worlds most loved landscapes. This ones for the fashionistas, the sophisticated and the people watchers!
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Nature and Detox Pembrokeshire (Wales)
12-14th July 2019
Reconnect with nature and recharge your mind, body and soul during this weekend long detox. We will stay in an eco-friendly luxury glamping boutique in our very own dome meadow, in one of the prettiest corners of Britain, Pembrokeshire. Think camping, but on a luxury level. This one is for those who appreciate themselves and appreciate the world around them, including wildlife in its natural habitat (we will go whale and dolphin watching!). And at the end of the night those who like to sit and talk (or sing!) around a camp fire under the stars.
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Bangkok, Thailand
4-11th September 2019
 One of the most vibrant cities in the world, Bangkok amazes all who visit. With its bustling street scenes, seemingly never-ending market mazes and the contrasting tranquillity of its ornate palaces and revered temples. Join me on this trip of a lifetime to one of the friendliest countries in the world! I have an action planned week lined up for us. This one is for those looking for an adventure, those who want to immerse themselves in a new culture and those who want to be amazed.
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