Girls Group Holiday

My Girls Group Holidays Are Bringing Back Girl Power!

I’m from the Spice Girls generation, me and my sister Sonia were Spice mad. We had all the albums, the videos, the fashion accessories and the cosmetics. We knew all the lyrics by heart, created our own dance routines and would record ourselves pretending to be them – we were obsessed!

But I’m happy I had them, they were five strong female role models proudly flying the ‘Girl Power’ flag. They planted that first tiny seed in me, the seed grew and grew and it’s now a whopping great big tree.

My Girls Group Holiday’s are a branch on this tree. One central theme of all my holidays is this idea of ‘Girl Power’, it’s at the heart of all my groups. I want girls and women to return feeling good about themselves, for my holiday to have given them a boost and inspire them. I aim to create a space where meaningful friendships can flourish and I am so happy this aim has been fulfilled during my previous trips.

It’s unfortunate, but all too often it’s other girls who bring girls down by gossiping or judging. I see a lack of unity, there is no sense of sisterhood and it’s a real shame. Most of the time it’s girls who are the first to criticise other girls, whether it’s the way they dress, whether they are wearing the hijab or not or which boy there have apparently been seen with – it’s so silly.


You may have heard the slogan ‘empowered women, empower women’ what a wonderful philosophy that is. With that philosophy in mind I’ve created a positive holiday culture. I want every girl who travels with me to thrive, to enjoy the holiday but more than that to walk away with friends she would not ordinarily have made, to have grown and developed herself personally and to feel uplifted. I’m starting a revolution; my Girls Group Holiday’s are bringing back Girl Power!

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