Girls Group Holiday

‘It is literally feminism in action.’

Feminism. I don’t understand why it is classed as a dirty word or has so many negative
connotations? Why are some people so ashamed to say it, use it or be associated with it? For me
Feminism is common sense. Feminism means equality, it means that we are not treated any less
favourably because of gender and it means that the same possibilities in life are open to women as
they are to men.
I was recently interviewed by The Feminist Shop; I was in instant awe when I met co-founder
Virginia. I love how passionately she stands up for the cause and how every day she’s on the front
lines in the fight for equality. She’s an inspiration. And I was thrilled when she described our Girls
Group Holidays as ‘literally feminism in action’.
You can read the full interview here:

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