Girls Group Holiday

International Women’s Day

I am a little late to say it, but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy International Women’s Day! I don’t know how I feel about the day, part of me feels that it should be there, celebrated and acknowledged, but another part of me thinks, why? Why do we need a day celebrating women? We should be celebrated and acknowledged every single day! So I celebrated yesterday, again i’m celebrating today and I will celebrate tomorrow and every day moving forward.

This year I was an Alternative Ms Ulster (I currently live in Belfast and Ulster is the county) – you’ve heard of the Miss World competitions? (I personally think they are degrading to women). It’s all in the title with Alternative Ms Ulster, it’s an alternative to the Miss World competitions. Instead of going on stage, competing against other women, being judged on the way we look and how well we can strut around in swimwear. We stand up with other women, talk about our achievements, our struggles, our hopes and our mission.

As an Alternative Ms Ulster, I had the opportunity to speak at the Northern Irish Parliament, I shared my story and spoke of founding Girls Group Holiday – which combines my two favourite things, female empowerment and travel. Travelling is so important to me, it changed my life for the better. It made me see the world in a different way and think about things in a different way. It awakened something in me. I want everyone to feel the magic!

Girls Group Holiday is more than just travelling, it’s something much more profound. Although travelling and exploring is such a huge aspect, equally so is female empowerment and friendship. Creating a comfortable space for all women to grow, gain confidence and feel good about themselves. I want to create a sense of sisterhood, belonging and support.

I’ve already seen the results and that’s what inspires me to continue.

I am very excited about my upcoming trips, I’ve had an overwhelming response and can’t wait to meet so many of you soon! Barcelona, Istanbul and Cappadocia, Paris and Bangkok and Phuket are all fully booked! I still have a few places available on our Pembrokeshire Detox weekend (12-14th July 2019) and I am very excited to announce the following Girls Holidays:

Lisbon: 11-14th November 2019

Hong Kong: 2-9th December 2019

Los Angeles/Hollywood: 3-10th February 2020

I look forward to meeting and travelling with many of you in the future and feeling more of the magic that travelling brings.

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