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You’ve seen your dream destination, you’ve read the itinerary, your mind is a flurry of nerves and excitement – all at the same time? Don’t worry, this is normal! It can be quite a big and daunting step… Whether it’s your first time going on holiday or it’s your first time travelling in a group with complete strangers. We understand. We’ve been there, and we assure you it will be one of the most liberating things you will ever do. So, in a moment of faith, you’ve taken the leap; you’ve completed your details and made the deposit payment – we welcome you on board and we cannot wait to meet you and travel with you!

**Please note that our trips are strictly for women who encourage and uplift one another. Girls Group Holiday
is perfect for you if you’re positive, openminded, and are looking to make friends and have a good time.

Since booking, you’ve been so excited, but those nerves are still lingering, and we assure you – this is normal. You’ve been sent all the details and we arrange a group video call so that we can virtually meet one another and answer any questions you might have. A WhatsApp chat group is also created, and you continue getting to know everyone. The other girls are all excited, discussing outfits to pack, and how much money to exchange – it makes you even more excited. You read through the itinerary again; you were sent all flight times a few weeks ago and start to arrange transport to the airport and you shop for the last few bits and bobs you’ll need. It all feels so real now! You’re days away from your Girls Group Holiday.



The virtual meeting

Our Girls Group Holiday, is finally happening!



You couldn’t sleep all night, butterflies in your stomach and nerves ‘what if I oversleep and miss the flight?’ But you don’t oversleep. When you arrive at the airport you look around, two of the girls have messaged on the WhatsApp group saying they have already arrived, and a few are still making their way. You see two smiling faces, you recognise them from the video call, but you can’t remember their names? Your heart is pounding as you approach them…You all hug and excitedly chatter. You feel a warmth inside and a sense of relief. You’ve passed security, grabbed your meal deal from Boots and called your family and reassured them that you’re fine and the group are all lovely! We have a quick group selfie at the boarding gate and walk onto the plane together. You sit in your seat, close your eyes and say a little prayer as the plane takes off. Smiling to yourself, you are so ready for this adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can children join the trips?

The minimum age to join Girls Group Holiday is 13 (accompanied by an adult). There is no upper age limit.

How many people are usually in a group?

Group sizes vary depending on the destination, they usually range between 4-15.

I want to come but I’m feeling nervous, is there someone I can talk to before I book?

Of course! We understand exactly how you feel. Please feel free to drop us an email: and we will be happy to arrange a telephone call with you.

Will a member of the Girls Group Holiday team accompany all group holidays?

Yes, a member of our team will be on hand during the trip to ensure things go smoothly. They will guide the group and help facilitate things; however, they are not tour guides.

How flexible is the itinerary?

Our itinerary provides a day to day guide, however it’s also flexible – unless activities have been pre- booked and scheduled. We don’t include food and refreshment stops on the plan, we want people to decide where they want to eat, and we can decide as a group when we are away.

Girls Group Holidays have a ‘Muslim ethos’ what does that mean?

A ‘Muslim ethos’ means that there are certain things that we wouldn’t do on a Girls Group Holiday, for example – we wouldn’t go clubbing or drink alcohol and where possible we would look for halal food options. If people want to pray, we would be happy to take breaks to enable them to do so. Although, our trips are not strictly for Muslim women and we have had non-Muslim women travel with us in the past, we ask that everyone who joins a trip respects our ethos.

Do you include flights?

Yes, all trips have flights included – unless it’s a UK based trip. You will be sent all flight details including check-in details between 4-6 weeks before your trip.

Do you include food?

Food is not included, unless otherwise stated.

Do I need to get my own travel insurance?

Yes, you must have your own travel insurance policy in place. You must ensure that you are covered for medical emergencies, repatriation and cancellation should you need to cancel the trip for any reason. We can help you arrange this once you’ve secured your place.

Is there anything else I should know before I book?

Before booking, we remind you that you are signing up for a group holiday. Although it’s liberating and a great way to make friends, understandably at times you may be required to be more patient.
You should also bear in mind that we are travelling, and sometimes unexpected things can happen, but it’s not the end of the world! In the past we have lost our luggage, we’ve dealt with rainstorms and we’ve got very lost. But things have always turned out well in the end, and it’s all part of the adventure – and remember we are all in it together. Before booking you will be required to read our booking terms and conditions, you will be signalled to these at the time of booking.

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