The day I started to travel was the day my life changed. I started to see the world and life in general in a different way. It gave me perspective, it made me appreciate things and I feel that it turned me into a much more interesting person. And, for clarity when I say travel I don’t mean lying on a beach without a care in the world or checking into some luxurious or even worse – resort style hotel and then staying within the confines of that hotel or resort.

...What I mean is totally immersing myself. Not wasting a precious moment to fill my head with some random historical fact from five centuries ago, visiting the castles and fortresses once being attacked or defended amid a raging battle, walking streets paved with religious significance or opulent palaces once occupied by Sultans. When I travel I need to see the people of the country, to hear their language, taste their food and take part in, and appreciate their culture.

To travel has been the best investment I have ever made in myself. It’s made my life more colourful, it’s given me friends across continents, incredible memories I will treasure forever and more challenging times which have helped me to grow. Plus – stacks of photographs which I still need to organise into albums!

Travelling has turned me into a storyteller, I can sit for hours and tell you about my journey through China, from Beijing to Hong Kong on a 23-hour direct train, and me being the only non-Chinese person on the entire train. Or about the time in Alexandria, Egypt when I was welcomed into an Egyptian family and experienced my first Egyptian wedding henna night, after which I became a huge fan of Egyptian music! The time I cycled from Switzerland to France, believe me it sounds much more epic than it was. One day I hope to write a book, about the good times, the bad times and those downright bizarre times.

Life without travel is a half lived, monotonous, black and white existence. Everyone should have the opportunity to travel, that’s why I set up Girls Group Holiday.

I understand the challenges girls and women face, I've been there myself. Maybe you want to travel but your friends aren't interested and you don't want to go alone. Or perhaps you and your friends don't feel confident enough to book a holiday and for peace of mind would prefer travelling in a group and not have to worry about booking and organising things. You might even be an experienced traveller, I've had brave solo backpackers on my trips who join my group holidays to make friends and experience something different. Whatever your story is, I welcome you to come and travel with me on a Girls Group Holiday.


1. To empower girls and women, and give them the opportunity and the confidence to travel in the safety and comfort of a group. I've travelled with girls who have told me that they suffer from anxiety. However, they have flourished during the trip and said that it has worked wonders for their confidence. 

2. To bring together girls and women from around the UK, to create lasting friendships and a special bond shared through travelling together. I strongly believe in 'Girl Power' and girls and young women supporting and lifting each other up. I've seen friendships blossom between girls from around the country and from girls of all ages and all professions. I've made so many new friends myself, it's a joy to see life long friendships created on my holidays. 

3. To explore a new country and experience the culture. If you travel with me come prepared to learn about the country we are visiting from an expert guide, and soaking up as much culture as we can. Whether that's making baklava in the suburbs of Athens, experiencing flamenco in a traditional gypsy cave in the south of Spain or a mystic Sufi whirling dervish ceremony in Istanbul - there will never be a dull moment.

4. To have fun - that's the most important part! It's all about enjoying ourselves and creating memories which we will fondly look back at with a smile. I certainly have many memorable moments from previous girls holidays, and I look forward to many more.

I hope to welcome you on my next adventure.

Sophia Khalid
Girls Group Holiday